Artistic Denim Mills

Artistic Denim Mills

We are one of the key player to bring innovations and offer unique market solutions through out the value chain of denim Industry. The company is public listed and started production in 1993 and persistently offering premium fabrics with unique colors, shades and garments with extensive array of washes.

As a vertical set-up we provide “speed to market” and produce premium denim fabrics and garments for high-end customers all over the globe.

Services Done

YEAR PLACE Department / Unit Work to be Done
2015 to 2016 Artistic Denim Mills Ltd Power House Up Gradation Work Wiring Installation & Wiring Accessories Lighting
Switchgear & LT Panel Equipments Installation
Feeder & Sub Feeder
Earthing System & Cable Tray/Ladder Installation
    Garment Stitching Unit 1, 2 & 3
Garment Washing Unit
Indigo Department
Workers Residential Colony
Finishing Department
Ball Warping Unit
Office Building
Loom Shade Area
Compressor Area
Wiring Installation & Wiring Accessories
Switchgear Equipments Installation
Feeder & Sub-Feeder
Light Fixtures & Fans Installation
Voice & Data Network System Installation
CCTV System Installation
Earthing System & Cable Tray/Ladder Installation

Providing all types of cable tray in best materials.

The choice of material for any particular installation depends on the installation environment (corrosion and electrical considerations) and cost.

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