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GI Cable Tray

Power Coated Cable Tray

Fire Alarm Systems

Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Telecommunication System

Channel Cable Tray


Ladder cable tray


Designing, Installation & Systems

Eectrical Designing Services

Eectrical Designing Services

  • Prepared design drawing for electrical distribution network.
  • Preparation of electrical drawing of power distribution on Autocad.
  • Megger Testing.
  • Load balancing.
  • Earthing System.
Low Voltage System

Low Voltage System

  • Telecommunication System
  • Data Networking / Fiber Optic Networking
  • Multi Media Services / Video Conferencing
  • Close Circuit Television C.C.T.V
  • CATV System
  • Fire Alarm Systems Addressable or Conventional
Electrical Installation Services

Electrical Installation Services

  • Wiring Installation / Accessories
  • Feeder & Sub-Feeder
  • Internal And External Lighting
  • Street Lighting / Flood Lighting / Illumination
  • Cable Tray, Cable Trunking & Cable Ladders.
  • Switchgear & Equipment’s
  • L.T Panel And Distribution Panel
  • H.T Switchgear And Transformers
  • Earthting System
  • Lighting Protection
  • UPS System

Providing all types of best materials.

The choice of material for any particular installation depends on the installation environment (corrosion and electrical considerations) and cost.

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