Artistic Milliners

Artistic Milliners

Leading Denim Manufacturers in Pakistan, Denim Industry of Pakistan, Denim Mills in World, Denim fabric, Denim Garments.

Artistic Milliners (Pvt) Ltd promotes a diverse workforce and provides equal opportunity to all candidates on the basis of demonstrated ability.

Services Done

YEAR PLACE Department / Unit Work to be Done
up to 2016 Artists Milliners Unit 14 L.T Room
Washing Depart
Stitching Depart
Cutting Depart
Embroidary Depart
Compressor Area
"Wiring Installation & Wiring Accessories
Switchgear Equipments Installation
Light Fixtures & Fans Installation
Installation Of 400 Amp, 250 Amp & 40 Amp Busway Installation
Data Network System Installation
Earthing System Installation
Lighting Protection System"

Providing all types of cable tray in best materials.

The choice of material for any particular installation depends on the installation environment (corrosion and electrical considerations) and cost.

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